Tips for Maintaining Your Commercial Refrigerators


Whether you purchase a Washtech GM dishwasher or a Sanden refrigerator, you will need to maintain these items properly. Only then will you be able to extract the maximal value from your investments. Commercial fridges are among the most advanced cooling units in the market. The demands placed on these cooling units is quite high anyway. Hence, it is natural that the stress and strain these products experience will be commensurately high as well.

If you maintain your refrigerator well, your efforts will help in extending its lifespan. This will make your refrigerating unit more cost effective too. For maintaining the condition of your commercial refrigerators, ensure that you:

Keep the compressor free from dust and debris by cleaning it regularly
Wipe regularly the condenser coils at the back of the fridge, which take the heat away from the fridge
Clean all the interior surfaces of the fridge regularly to prevent the build-up of dirt, moulds and bacteria
Check the gaskets on the doors of the fridge or freezer for signs or wear or damage that could lead to the escape of cool air
Ensure that the condensate drains are free of blockages
Perform periodic spot checks to ensure that your fridge is running smoothly and,
Replace the basic components as soon as they wear out such as door gaskets