HOBART PROFI AMXXL – Pot/dishwasher with large chamber for 400×600 Trays



  • Made in Germany
  • Cycle time: 52/75/180 sec plus special cycle
  • Large chamber with 660x500mm usable space
  • Extra large loading height of 540mm
  • ROTOR-X wash system: separate rotating upper & lower 4-spoke wash arms deliver dynamic wash power
  • Nominal capacity: 70racks/hr
  • Lowest Water consumption: 2.0 lt/cycle
  • Optional AMXXL-V: Vapostop Hood System to retain exhaust vapour
  • GENIUS-X² fine filter system: advanced filter system with prewash function reduces detergent consumption
  • VISIOTRONIC colour coded display with messages for the operator
  • Rinse pressure pump
  • Interlocked strainer: prevents operation without tank strainer
  • Insulated hood
  • Chemical Dispensers
  • Cip in CLIP-IN wash & rinse arms: wash & rinse arms can be removed with one hand and without any tools
  • Patented WIDE ANGLE FAN nozzle to maximise wash and rinse performance
  • Fully enclosed 4 SIDED HOOD design – avoiding loss of energy/steam (Energy saving system)
  • Suits 500x500mm and 500×600 Racks
  • Pump Out Drain (No drain plug)
  • Self-cleaning cycle on drain out
  • Racks included (1 Plate Rack, 1open ended tray rack, 1 cutlery rack)
  • Optimum hygienic – deep drawn tank with coved corners (no welds)
  • Able to wash 1/1 GN pans when using optional open ended tray racks
  • Optional: PX-L: Plate rack 600 x 500 mm, for 24 plates up to 240 mm Ø or 22 large plates (285 mm Ø), height 11 cm
  • USB Interface
  • Ready to install: fill / drain hoses, electrical cable, detergent dispenser, rinse aid dispenser
  • Total load: 16.3KW 440/50/3
  • OPTIONAL: AMXXL-V with integrated Vapostop Hood System to retain exhaust vapour
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Watermark Approval


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