What Kinds of Commercial Refrigerators Do Restaurants and Hotels Typically Use

Almost every business in the food industry will rely on a combination of commercial refrigerators. This is necessary for preserving the freshness and the quality of food. Refrigeration slows down the proliferation of bacteria in the food. Without it, the food would spoil much faster. There are numerous varieties of commercial kitchen fridges. Some of the most popular kinds include:

  • Refrigerated Display Units: These upright units have glass doors that can hold items without consuming much space
  • Blast Coolers: These use powerful convection systems for keeping temperatures as low as possible
  • Bar Refrigeration Units: Ideal for commercial bars, these units comprise beer dispensers, under-bar fridges, plate chillers and bottle coolers
  • Delicatessen Units: These units feature an open front or a glass cover designed to keep food cool while on display. These units enable customer to select the food items they want to consume. As such, they are ideal for use in cafes, restaurants and delicatessens.

Refrigerated Prep Tables: Located in the kitchen area, these units enable chefs to access food ingredients quickly while preparing meals
Under-Counter Units: These units feature a regular countertop with a fridge underneath. In many cases, manufacturers build or install these units into cabinets.
Reach-in Units: Designed similar to non-commercial refrigerators, these units feature shallow storage space and one or more doors. These units are ideal when you want to let your customers reach in and access the food.